Website Promotion & Digital Marketing in the 21st Century

Going back to my Italian roots, I got an Italian domain name: “” (translated to, is the home of my blog on all things digital:

  • Website marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • And above all else, bringing more customers!

In the past, it was difficult to convince people of the benefits of digital marketing. “Only kids are on the internet.” “I get all my business through referrals.” And so on & so on. As a result, many people thought that it wasn’t worth the time to write a blog & build up a digital presence.

Often, the saying “a picture is worth 1,000 words, plus commission”, was taken too literally. This has led to the creation of thousands of websites that look wonderful, but only have pages with a few words & pictures, and little substance. Without adhering to digital advertising best practices, particularly those for search engine optimization (SEO), sites will rarely have the opportunity to rank in Google for the terms that matter to them, and will move the needle for their business.

A few years ago (in the early 2010’s), having a pretty website was all that you needed! Not so today. In today’s world of digital marketing, search engines not only read the words on the page, but understand the greater context of those words, and the semantic meaning behind them. Using this methodology, Google index millions of web pages every day, and organizes them according to relevance on a particular topic.

Although the technical factors are important, website content is becoming essential as Google’s AI “Rank Brain” becomes more adept at understanding context and relevance. As a result, having a website that is both technically sound and contains quality content is absolutely essential for businesses that wish to be found online through search engines.

Over the years, I’ve worked for several agencies that have helped to define how SEO is implemented, ranging from content marketing, compeititive analysis, to technical structure. Digital marketing agencies can help businesses find their voice in the crowd, providing content recommendations that will resonate with their audience & their customers.

With this in mind, content is an often overlooked, but absolutely essential part of the web design process. It should be considered methodically at a very early stage in the design and development of a website, so as to appeal to both search engines & users themselves.

In today’s world of instant gratification, many companies call it quits if they don’t see immediate results from their digital marketing strategies, despite the facts that:
-Digital marketing is a marathon, not a sprint
-Nearly all businesses are now engaged in some type of digital marketing, making the space more & more competitive
-There are only 10 spots on Google’s front page for a given query, and everyone wants to be there

For these reasons, it’s important to adapt a mindset early on that embraces change, a willingness to test new strategies, and to keep an eye on the competition.

This blog will endeavor to address these queries. I appreciate your readership!